Supporting Charity through Chocolates

Charity-logoOur interest in maintaining charity links follows on from Jane’s background in organising multi ethnic youth programmes in Kosovo & community action in schools, mainly at St Christopher School in Letchworth Garden City.

For all online sales, 10% of your purchase price will be donated by Gilbert & Swayne to one of the charities below (please select your choice at the checkout or leave it as a surprise).

Buy Chocolates and support The Volunteer Networkmoney from chocolates goes to Dorset Air AmbulanceDaws Hall TrustProceeds from sale goes to St Margaret's HospiceProceeds from sale goes to PromiseWorks
Children hospice South WestRecycle charity - logoChildren's World Charity - logo
STAR  Somerset Trust For Arts and RecreationGlastonbury Rescue our ruins chocolatesEtatu Charity the ideas partnership - money from chocolateer