Supporting Charity through Chocolates

Charity-logoOur interest in maintaining charity links follows on from Jane’s background in organising multi ethnic youth programmes in Kosovo & community action in schools, mainly at St Christopher School in Letchworth Garden City.

For all online sales, 10% of your purchase price will be donated by Gilbert & Swayne to one of the charities below (please select your choice at the checkout or leave it as a surprise).

Buy Chocolates and support The Volunteer Networkmoney from chocolates goes to Dorset Air AmbulanceDaws Hall TrustProceeds from sale goes to St Margaret's Hospice
Children hospice South WestRecycle charity - logoChildren's World Charity - logo
STAR  Somerset Trust For Arts and RecreationGlastonbury Rescue our ruins chocolatesEtatu Charity the ideas partnership - money from chocolateer