Gilbert and Swayne – Chocolate Club

As a member of the Club, you’ll receive a monthly supply of your favourite flavours & fillings plus new ones to try. You can choose from the classic selections or specify your own. 

To subscribe, simply choose your box from the online shop & select ‘Club’ at the checkout. Jane will then email you all the info you need. Membership is free – you only pay for your chocolates (& P & P). You can send your order to a different address each month (e.g. for family birthdays etc) & you can also specify a bespoke greeting which will be hand lettered by the Gilbert & Swayne Calligrapher, Becky Price.


• Pick your favourite Gilbert & Swayne selection or specify your own
• Set up a monthly standing order for 3 months to Gilbert & Swayne – or pay by BACS (no obligation to extend)
• Delivery to your door includes free samples of new flavours, when available
• 10% of your total order purchase price will be donated to your charity choice 
• Free, bespoke, hand-lettered greeting for gifts