The list of our hand made chocolates

Our boxes will have a selection from the following chocolates.
If you would prefer certain flavours please add a note at checkout.

Peaty Single Malt & Coffee

Whisky Mac & Cinnamon

Dotatta Fig & Rum

Limoncello & Earl Grey

Spicy Damson

Bitter Orange, Cinnamon & Grand Marnier

& Sea Salt

Lemongrass & Cumin

Cardamom & Ginger

Passion Fruit
& Champagne

Strawberry, Somerset Honey & Cream

Coffee & Somerset Cider Brandy

Prune d’Agen & Armagnac Chocolate

Prune d’Agen & Armagnac

Raspberry, Mint
& Liqueur

Lemon & Bay

Orange, Chilli & Cointreau

Blackberry & Geranium

Salted Almond
& Thyme

& Toasted Hazelnut

Blackcurrant, Juniper & Cassis

Marzipan & Amaretto

Morrello Cherry & Apple Eau de Vie


Gilbert & Swayne chocolates contain the following ingredients:

Single origin organic chocolate (63%) from the Madirosola Madagascar, (used for dark chocolate shells): organic & FairTrade Arriba cacao beans; organic sugar; GMO free soy lecithin
FairTrade chocolate (used in ganaches) a blend from various certified FT estates, cocoa mass (dark 55%, milk 34%, white 28%), cocoa butter, emulsifier, soya lecithin, natural vanilla

Fresh cream (MILK*); Somerset honey; fresh bay, mint, rosemary, tarragon & thyme; root & stem ginger; fresh lemon & orange zest; morello cherries;**  pure blackcurrant, lemon, passionfruit, raspberry & strawberry purees; damson & medlar cheese; Somerset Cider Brandy & Apple Eau de Vie**; Cointreau, Limoncello, Medlar gin, Marc de Champagne, Grand Marnier, Passion Fruit, Damson & Raspberry liqueurs; Earl Grey tea & oil of Bergamot;  cardamom & cumin seeds, juniper berries & dried chilli; coffee( from freshly ground coffee beans***); almonds & hazelnuts (NUTS*); sea salt.

*ALLERGENS        Gluten free
** produced by the Somerset Cider Brandy Company

*** roasted by Miles of Minehead

Damson cheese by the Somerset Membrillo Co.

Medlar cheese & Medlar gin by the Eastgate Larder

nb when in season, herbs are harvested from the garden at Gilbert’s Corner